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Our enameled mugs are more resistant than conventional ones. Made from a thick layer of steel, they are a little heavier compared to other enamel mugs and are coated withtwo coats of nail polish, to ensure the reputation of durable.


The mugs are ideal for drinking wine, beer, whiskey, or any other beverage - water and coffee are always a good choice. In addition, they are non-toxic and pose no risk of contamination for drinks and food.


Each mug is individually printed and because of this they may have small flaws and variations in the enamel coating, which gives each mug an individual and unique character.


Universal features:


  • Size: 9.3cm (diameter) x 7.6cm (depth)
  • Ideal for adventures (if only on Netflix and your couch)
  • Almost indestructible (almost)
  • High heat retention to keep contents at the right temperature longer
  • The enamelled mug CANNOT be placed in the microwave
  • Made of a thick layer of steel and coated with a double layer of enamel
  • 370ml capacity
  • Proudly produced in Brazil.

Enamelled Mug


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